COVID-19 policy

How we're responding to COVID-19


As the world now starts to return to the 'new normal' it has never been more important to look after the health of your body and mind.

The safety of our team and members is our highest priority. Things will have to operate a bit differently to what you are used to for a while, therefore we want to let you know about the important changes introduced to PLM.

We will clean everything with antiviral disinfectant at least 3 times per day, but high touch items more regularly.

Each evening to ensure we perform an intensive deep clean before we reopen in the morning. we will have a professional hygiene cleaning team in the gym cleaning all dumbbells, equipment, changing rooms and weights plates before they are put back onto the racks. It is also important that as a member, you also clean anything you touch after use, so there will be additional cleaning stations and wipes around the gym to enable this.

All fixed gym kit will be relocated so they are 2 metres away from the next piece of equipment, this will mean a few are put out of use. In the free weight and free training areas, all equipment will be placed 2 metres away from the next.

We want to keep you safe, so we want to ensure the gym never gets too busy. That is why we will be restricting the number of members in the gym to 25 at any given time. Before you visit, you can check the website to see the maximum capacity and how many people are currently there and expected busy periods. You can also book your training slot to make sure you don't miss out. This will allow you to visit at a quieter time to enjoy your workout.

We'd really love to welcome you back. If you have any concerns, or want to talk to us before coming back then please do let us know. We are here to help.

Stay Safe

Phil and all the team at PLM


Finger print and access cards can be used as normal.
hand sanitizer
Please sanitise your hands on entry at the sanitising station in reception.
Please clean the gym equipment before and after use with our anti-bacterial sprays.
A specialist cleaningteamwill be carrying our regular COVID safe cleaning.
We have introduced a maximum capacity of 25 people to ensure safe social distancing.
Members are encouraged to shower at home. Although our changing rooms will remain open.