5 Foods This Holistic Nutritionist Eats To Jumpstart Healthy Aging

It's difficult to discuss longevity without bringing up sirtuins. That’s because these little proteins delay the shortening of telomeres, aka the DNA "caps" at the ends of a chromosome. Since the natural process of aging is due to telomere shortening, it’s certainly a worthwhile conversation to have. (If you need a refresher on sirtuins, take a gander here). 

So how can you boost the sirtuins in your body? Well, you can up-regulate autophagy (which has been associated with a longer, healthier life span), or you can eat sirtuin-activating foods, also known as “sirtfoods.” 

"Sirtuin genes are linked to longevity and metabolism,” holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque shares on the mindbodygreen podcast. “We thought they could only be activated by fasting, but sirtuins can be activated by food.” So which sirtuin-activating foods should we be eating? Below, LeVeque’s list of sirtfood superstars.