5 Ways To Prep Your Body & Mind For Fall, According To Ayurveda & TCM

Cold, dry, mobile, rough, and erratic qualities are thought to increase this time of year. These qualities lead to a scattered feeling, dry skin and hair, insomnia, and anxiety. To counteract this tendency, use the practice of self massage by applying warm natural sesame oil or sweet almond oil to your body. This can help ground, nourish, and protect your whole system. It is also traditionally thought to increases lymphatic flow, which then nourishes the skin, supports the immune system, and helps the body eliminate waste.

When applying the oil, use sweeping strokes from your hands and feet to your center, and circular movements at the joints. Traditionally, this practice is done before bathing because hot water helps the oil absorb into the skin. Once you’ve completed your massage, take a shower, and only use soap if needed. When you’re finished, pat yourself dry with a towel you don’t mind getting a little oily, and be sure to clean your tub. If you find this setup a little messy and time consuming, simply use the oil after showering or before bed instead.