Looking for Motiv8-tion?

If you are a first time gym user or if you are looking to improve your technique to suit your personal biomechanics, Motiv8 is the perfect solution.
Motiv8 is a four-week course consisting of eight 1-2-1 sessions, designed to help you structure a foundation routine.
The course gives you the basic principle of timing, nutrition and recovery and is the perfect way to kick start your health and fitness journey.
But don’t just take our word for it – here’s a review from one of our happy clients –
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Having piled weight on and not exercised for some time, I was looking for some form of motivation to ease me back into exercise and nutrition.
A google search saw an endless list of the typical crash diets with the promised of a rapid weight loss, most of which I had done before.  Then I stumbled upon the MOTIV8 course at PLM Fitness and on reading the purpose of the course, its content and purpose sounded perfect for me, the idea being it got me to enjoy exercise again and encouraged good nutrition.
I sent an enquiry via email and received a response almost immediately from Jaden with answers to my many questions and an arranged initial meeting to see if it was right for me.
I was extremely apprehensive when walking through the door as had no idea what to expect feeling very self-conscious about my weight, and was immediately greeted with a smiley and enthusiastic Jaden who made me feel at ease from the offset.
We had an open discussion about my needs and goals, and discussed how I was feeling about things and I felt I could be open and honest without being judged or patronised in any way.  By the end of the conversation, I had made up my mind that this was the course for me and I had my first session a day later on 2ndJuly, 2019.
In the initial weeks, Jaden taught me good techniques and recognised what worked and what did not work for me.  He found a balance on how to push me whilst encouraging me and we also had discussions around nutrition.  Although I did not feel ready to begin healthy eating straight away, with the enjoyment of the exercise, I was slowly changing the mind-set and noticed I was naturally opting for more healthy choices.
Jaden is enthusiastic and motivating on every session I have attended, despite the early start on occasions, and he is a true professional.  He is knowledgeable and is always prepared with a session to help me push myself that bit further every time I go.  If we cannot find a compatible date, Phil is always on standby to take the session and is equally supportive and motivational.
I completed the course on 27thJuly and enjoyed it that much, I have signed up again for another 8 sessions, this time, with nutrition being included. My clothes are feeling looser and more importantly, I am feeling happier in myself and have had many comments on my appearance.
The only thing I regret it not doing this years ago!
Thanks to Jaden and the team – keep doing what you are doing.