4 Exercises for Bigger Arms

Let’s cut to the chase. We all want bigger arms.

You love biceps curls, and so do I.

Biceps curls get a bad rap sometimes because if you look at most gyms, this is the number one exercise you see people doing. It’s definitely a “bro” exercise.

I’m totally cool with it. As long as you are making yourself healthy and getting a sweat in, then I’m good with it.

Here are four ways you can break a sweat for sure while doing biceps curls. By incorporating more movements, you work different muscles and hit your upper body at various angles, creating an environment where you get bigger arms.

Incline Curl to Arrow

How You Do It

• Grab two dumbbells and pick a weight that you can get 15 reps with.
• Set up an incline bench.
• Keeping your chest on the bench, perform a hammer curl and bring it right to your shoulders.
• After the curl, straighten your arms (chest still on the bench) and swing your arms back behind you, making an “arrow” with your body.
• Repeat

What It Works

• Biceps
• Triceps
• Rear deltoids

Sets/Reps: 5 sets, 15 reps

Hip Hinge to Hammer Curl

How You Do It

• Grab two dumbbells and pick a weight that you can get 15 reps with.
• Hold your arms straight and chest up, and slowly hinge (not squat) at your waist until your chest becomes parallel with the floor.
• Stay in that position and perform a hammer curl, bringing the bells to your shoulders.
• Stand back up and repeat!

What It Works

• Hip mobility
• Biceps
• Hamstrings

Sets/Reps: 5 sets, 10 reps

Plank Hammer Curls

How You Do It

• Get two lighter dumbbells. I used 15s
• Go into a perfect push-up position.
• Without rotating your hips, perform a hammer curl with one of your arms.

Pro tip: You might want to spread your feet apart so that it’s a little bit easier to control your hips. This is huge for core development.

What It Works

• Core endurance
• Biceps
• Core stability
• Triceps

Sets/Reps: 5 sets, 10 reps (each arm)

Drop Set Curls

How You Do It

• Grab two sets of dumbbells and have them ready to grab.
• Get one set of heavy dumbbells. Use something you can only get 5 reps with.
• Make your second set something light that you can get 15 reps with.
• Get as many reps as you can with the heavy bells
• Immediately grab your light bells and get as many reps as you can.

What It Works

• Muscular strength
• Muscular endurance
• Biceps

Sets/Reps: 3 sets, with at least one minute of rest between sets.

Chase It!

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