Our top-of-the-range facilities offer unbeatable opportunities for each and every user, whatever their abilities, fitness levels or personal goals.

Designed with the customer in mind, every element of PLM Health & Fitness has been carefully considered to provide the right atmosphere, from the lighting to the state-of-the-art equipment, everything is there to help you feel welcome and motivated.

Our cutting-edge equipment from Technogym is geared towards helping users live a better life by becoming healthier and fitter with the most advanced technology available. Through the use of engaging, simple-to-use, effective machines, you too can achieve your personal fitness goals.

At PLM Health & Fitness we can offer you more than 45 stations, so there’s something for everyone. These include the latest, most innovative and advanced cardio machines, treadmills, bikes, weight-lifting equipment and rowing machines.

Whether you want to improve your overall fitness levels, build muscle strength, lose weight or improve your cardio health, we have the best machines for your needs.

PLM facility has over 45 stations made up of the following product lines:

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Technogym Pulley Machine
Technogym Chest Press Machine
Technogym Synchro Machine
Technogym Assisted Chin Dip Machine
Technogym Linear Leg Press Machine
Technogym Olympic Power Rack and Platform
Technogym Leg Curl Machine
Technogym CLIMB EXCITE Machine
Technogym SKILLROW Machine
Technogym Pectoral Machine
Technogym Shoulder Press Machine
Technogym Adductor Machine
Technogym Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine
Technogym Abductor Machine
Technogym Vario Machine
Technogym Treadmill EXCITE 1000
Technogym Leg Extension Machine
Technogym Multipower Machine
Technogym Upright Bike
Technogym Recline Bike
Technogym SKILLMILL Machine
Technogym Lat Pulldown Machine