Can You Put a Price on Your Health and Fitness?

As the saying goes, ‘your health is your wealth’. Yet, when it comes to crunching the numbers, many people are reluctant to part ways with their money. This brings us to ask, can you really put a price on your health and fitness?

Health and fitness goals are very common for the majority of the public. Whether that’s losing weight and toning up, to eating healthier, improving overall wellbeing and weight gain. Yet, how many of those goals are reached? From experience, we know that a large percentage of people do not reach a content stage with their health and fitness; all down to a lack of priorities.

Many will avoid all forms of investment into their health and fitness. A great deal will overlook the value of gym memberships. Others will ignore the advice of professionals. We see this behaviour a lot, sadly. The good intentions are there, soon overtaken by unhealthy habits.

Yet, those who are making use of gym memberships, by placing an unlimited price on their health and fitness are benefiting significantly. See what you’re missing out on by tightening the purse strings on your health and fitness.

The value of gym memberships on your health and fitness

What is the value of money in your eyes? Through observing common behaviours, it’s funny to see how many individuals will spend:

  • £50-60 a month on a phone contract
  • £30-40 a month on SKY
  • £25-30 a week on a Dominos/takeaway
  • £3-5 on a daily coffee
  • £8-10 for a single cocktail

Yet, those same individuals will believe that monthly gym memberships are extortionate prices; ultimately placing little value on their health and fitness. It’s also crazy to consider how those hoping to improve their health and fitness will spend their money on foods, drinks and experiences that will, for the long-term move them further away from their goals. The issue here is that people place little worth on their everyday health and fitness. In tandem, little importance on gym memberships. The ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ throwaway statement comes to mind for this group of people.

Gym memberships uncovered, in fact highlight momentous value. They provide a consistent opportunity, resources and training sessions to progress and maintain both cardio and resistance fitness. They offer access to facilities and knowledge to improve physical, mental and emotional health. By truly uncovering gym memberships, they are an investment – an investment you’ll see and feel a return on. Yet, by pumping your money elsewhere, into unhealthy habits, your health and fitness will take a hit, without offering a positive return.

Have an honest think, what do you spend your money on? Do your spending habits move you closer to your health and fitness goals?

For example, consider your commitment to your mobile phone contract – spending above and beyond to have the best technology. Imagine how this outlook could improve your health and fitness.

Now will you continue to put a price on your health and fitness?

Our gym memberships, uncovered here at PLM

Gym memberships, when broken down are, in fact, worth every penny. Standing at £42.50 per month, our standard membership works out as £1.42 per day. Of course, we do not expect gym-goers to visit every single day; although possible through our 24/7 facility.

But what we do believe in, is the value for money our customers receive when prioritising their health and fitness. Our gym memberships uncovered include access to top range equipment and luxury facilities, personable customer service, and experienced and educated staff, plus many more benefits. Now imagine this for £10.63 a week – around half of what people spend on a weekly takeaway.

Which one will move you closer to your health and fitness goals? Oh, and not to mention, improve your financial health…

Invest into your health and fitness here at PLM

Here at PLM, we get it. We get how hard it is to initially invest, especially when you’re not in the mindset to move full speed ahead. If you’re hoping to initially avoid an annual gym membership, we do have shorter options, helping you dip your toe into the health and fitness waters.

We also offer a 360 approach to health, fitness and wellbeing through our Wellness membership. Benefit from The Well Nest, specialising in overall wellbeing, physically and mentally.

For more information on our gym memberships, get in touch with our team. We can help you re-evaluate the importance of your health and fitness…