Pay Cheap,Train Twice - Why Invest in Your Health?

You’re hoping to improve your health, fitness and overall wellness. You’re not alone this January, as more and more people commit to healthy intentions.

With so many options out there – from detox fads and Veganuary, to squat challenges, dry January and Instagram inspired PT sessions, it’s no wonder that many fall off the bandwagon a few weeks in. Some of these healthy choices will last, yet the predominance will dwindle out; usually down to jumping in with a lack of education or preparation.

Yet, you’re different. You’re hoping to invest in your health. You’re aiming to continue your healthy intentions, beyond a mere trend.

Here’s exactly why you must invest in your health, the journey ahead, and the essential training to really see and feel results…

Why invest in your health for the best possible results?

Whether you’re hoping to improve your physical health, fitness levels or your mental wellbeing, an investment is needed. An investment of time, money and energy.

Yet, in today’s world, many believe that results can be reached overnight. Many aspire to look like those Instagram fitness models (who really use lighting and filters as their best friend). In reality, to truly achieve results, it’s about making education your best friend.

Those who are looking to invest in their health and fitness will see it as a big, be all, end all goal. It’s true, many of the population are striving for that ‘perfect body’ or ‘growth mindset’. They will announce it across social media or buy all the gear. Yet, this high priority is commonly paired with a cheap, half-hearted PT session, or all talk and no results life coaches… here’s where many health journeys are cut short, following the whole ‘pay cheap, train twice’ motto.

If you’re truly looking to level up this year, it’s time to invest in your health, through PLM Health & Fitness…

How do we get results?

Here at PLM Health & Fitness, we influence results through education. Our team are educated and invested into health, fitness and wellness. This approach to training, whether that’s physically or mentally, educates our clients, helping results last.

We’re here for the long run. We’re here to improve and maintain our health. We’re here to be the best we personally can be. We’re here to invest. Are you ready to invest in your health and fitness?


We understand how valuable personal training sessions are. We appreciate the results clients want to reach by investing.

Instead of following the latest training fad or Insta video, we plan each 60-minute session to meet the needs of our clients; making sure they are worth the cost, energy and commitment.


We are highly experienced and educated in health, fitness and wellness. Through this experience, we’re confident in our performance – followed by many positive client testimonials.


Reviews are necessary when hoping to progress. Sometimes, plans change, goals adapt, or greater progression is even made. We help clients invest in their health for the long-term, through consistent reviews – helping them create a plan that can maintain their goals.


If changes are needed to progress, we amend personal training sessions. We care about the journeys of our clients. We are here to educate, inspire, motivate and lead.

If you’re looking to invest in your health, we will invest in you. Pay cheap and expect double the amount of work.


We personally progress, ensuring that the personal sessions we offer are valuable. As we progress, our clients will continue to progress.

We’re not here for the apparel collabs, extreme before and afters or the whole ‘No pain, no gain’ inspo quotes. We’re here to pave the way for greater health, fitness and wellness.

If you’re looking to invest in your health and fitness, our personal training sessions are invaluable, tailored to your ability and end goals. If wellness is your bag, head over to our Well Nest support service.