Precious gym minutes ticking by? – it’s time to prioritise

Hear that, precious gym minutes are ticking by… You’re missing out on reaching your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

How many hours do you have in a day? OK – that may come across as a daft question, as 24 hours are of course readily available to us as humans. Yet, it’s how well those hours are used that will define productivity.

‘I have no time’ is one of the most common excuses used to avoid the gym. Yet, in the majority of cases, time isn’t the issue… It’s your priorities and level of accountability. The thought of getting out of bed an hour earlier or returning home for the day an hour later isn’t appealing, when your mindset is off.

Like any new habit or hobby, it takes time to build a consistent routine. You need to commit to the process and prioritise your new reality. Without this mindset, it is likely that other priorities will take up your day, overtaking precious gym minutes… We’re sure many of you are guilty of having the intentions of visiting the gym, soon followed by binge-watching an entire Netflix series! (See you do have some spare time).

Here’s exactly why prioritising your health and fitness will offer up even more time than you’d imagine, to step into the gym and conquer a worthwhile workout.

It’s time to prioritise your health and fitness – Hint, hint… time

When thinking about completing a worthy workout, you’ll probably envision hours after hours, lifting weights. This of course is the routine of professional athletes. If that’s your thing then there’s most definitely nothing wrong with that. Yet, if you’re purely hoping to boost your health and fitness, short but quality gym minutes can achieve this.

With a stigma attached to surplus time for gym-going, a large proportion of people will fall on the ‘not enough hours in the day’ cliché; this is their way of justifying their choices. Their way of talking themselves out of going to the gym. Is this what you’re doing? – ultimately delaying your potential to reach your health and fitness goals.

Well in fact, a small amount of gym minutes can benefit your fitness and health. Here you’ll have the opportunity to fit gym sessions around your life.

Picture this… You most probably work 8-12 hours a day. You most probably (or should) sleep around 7-8 hours a night. Alongside juggling family, a social life and daily tasks, how else are you spending your 24 hours? Common answers include watching the latest Netflix series or scrolling through social media. This will usually be down to a lack of priorities.

This is why you’ll need to prioritise your health and fitness goals, to motivate gym minutes over your usual down time. There’s plenty of hours in the day to enter the gym – many are 24/7, like ours here at PLM. So, there aren’t many excuses, unless you continue to follow the stigma.

How to prioritise your gym minutes?

In today’s world, self-care, wellbeing and health fall way down the priority list. This is commonly down to our mindsets. We allow everything else to take over our gym sessions. To break down that mindset, it’s vital to shake up our priorities. Here’s how to prioritise your gym minutes…

Make bitesize changes

Like any new habit or hobby, it’s recommended to firstly make small changes. Jumping in headfirst, attempting to exercise every morning isn’t feasible. The first week you might achieve 5 early mornings, likely to soon dwindle off; demotivated you.

Start your gym minutes in short bursts. Work this activity around your commitments. Remember our gym is open 24 hours a day.

Invest in personal training sessions

What better way to start your gym journey than investing into personal training sessions? Here at PLM Health & Fitness, we offer educational, inspirational, motivational and results-driven sessions. We can help you prioritise your gym minutes with the aim to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Stepping into the gym can be daunting for some. Making use of the small pockets of time you have to exercise might seem difficult. We can help you combat these obstacles through planning, reviews, amendments and progression plans.

Consider your mindset

Prioritising is all in the mind. We build up walls, make excuses or let our fears get in the way. By rejigging your mindset, you’ll soon warm to making time for precious gym minutes.

We appreciate how this is easier said than done. Yet, the sooner you start at the gym, the sooner you’ll experience the positive emotions connected to exercising. From here, it’s likely that you’ll continue to prioritise your gym minutes to feel these positive associations.

Remember that exercise isn’t just for your physical health and fitness, it also benefits your mental health – something we are very passionate about here at PLM, through The Well Nest.

If you’re busy making excuses to avoid the gym, think about how much you want to improve your health and fitness. This should help you break down those excuses. Invest in yourself through precious gym minutes, available, 24/7!

For more information on our training sessions or for some much needed inspo, follow our news and offers. Remember, you don’t need hours and hours in the gym. Short blocks of high-quality gym minutes can be worthwhile. Fit these around your commitments through our 24/7 gym.