Workout Motivation Tips

workout motivation tips

Workout Motivation Tips

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of self-motivation when it comes to working out.

But no matter how important it is, staying motivated can often seem like a difficult task. Let’s face it – life is busy! And it’s full of stressors and obstacles that can hinder your fitness progress.

While this applies to all health and fitness goals, it’s especially true of working out and weight training. Working out successfully and reaching your goals requires you to push your limits, and this means putting your body in uncomfortable positions. So it’s no wonder motivation can be difficult at times – it takes a little work to get in shape!

Here are my top 5 workout motivation tips. These ones will help you stay on track and reach your workout goals in half the time. When it comes down to it, if you can stay motivated, you can be successful!

Top 5 Workout Motivation Tips

1. Set Real Goals – Many people approach working out by coming up with extreme or unrealistic goals. Even if you haven’t given it much thought, you probably have an ideal image in your mind of fitness success. But ensuring your workout goals are realistic and achievable in a reasonable time will prevent discouragement and disappointment, which are major causes of loss of motivation.

It’s important to think about things like work, lifestyle, family, personal motivation, and support. I ask all of my clients to sit down and write out their goals in detail before beginning any workout routine. Seeing things on paper is always helpful!

2. Track Your Progress – Once you’ve written down your goals, it’s important to track your progress. Seeing your gains and achievements on paper is a huge source of motivation, and for beginners, this can be a great way to learn about resistance training.

A simple notebook can be helpful, but I recommend buying the Fitlosophy Fitbook. It’s a great tool for tracking your workout progress and keeping yourself on track!

3. Do Your Research – Learning is always half the battle. The more educated you are about fitness, the less likely you’ll be to give yourself excuses. Getting a personal trainer for a few weeks is one way to learn about working out, or you can read helpful books or blogs like this one.

4. Find Some Support – Social support is one of the biggest predictors of workout success. If you can find support from a workout buddy or even a personal trainer, you’re much more likely to stay motivated and see your goals through. It’s all about making yourself accountable to someone!

5. Give Supplements a Chance – I learned this lesson a long time ago. While many people criticize health and fitness supplements, the fact is there are many safe and effective options available today. Here are my favorite supplements for keeping you motivated and energized in your workouts:

These supplements are capable of giving your workouts the added boost you’ve been looking for! See results faster, and stay motivated long enough to reach your workout goals!

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